Midway offers replacement anvils and support rolls, manufactured from the highest grade tool steels. Often these replacement rolls are less expensive
than OEM tooling from press manufacturers, even those made with lesser steels. 


Distinct Midway advantages include:

  • Full in-house heat treatment and tempering for precise control of tool hardness and toughness 

  • Optional in-house cryogenic treatment enhancing durability by up to 100%

  • All machining operations performed using state-of-the-art CNC equipment

  • Precise quality control inspection and Certificate of Conformity included with every tool

  • Precision ground surfaces with less than 0.0002” TIR (runout)

  • Midway’s unconditional satisfaction guarantee

Special design anvils are routinely produced for many applications, including stripping pin anvils for web waste removal and vacuum anvils for island placement applications.



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