From our company president to sales & technical support to journeyman machinists, we bring decades of industry experience to bear on your toughest die cutting challenges.


MACHINE SHARPENING - Midway's machining technology creates fully hardened tool steel cutting dies with the perfect blade.

DESIGN SERVICES - Midway has a wide range of design capabilities to help you succeed.

CNC MACHINING - Our seasoned craftsmen utilize state-of-the-art CNC machining & grinding equipment.

HEAT TREATMENT - Our multi-stage heat treat processes allow us to maintain control over the die hardening process.

CRYOGENIC TREATMENT - A post-heat treatment process to enhance the life of your rotary die cut tooling.

CARTON PROTOTYPING - Samples can be produced for evaluation before you commit to the tooling expense.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Our team has the knowledge to guide you through the most challenging converting projects.


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