Insertable Blade Sheeting

Midway offers Insertable Blade Sheeting tools, providing a low cost method of sheeting using replaceable steel rule blades.  Because individual and multiple slots may be used as required at any given time, a single tool can do the job of many more expensive dies.


Our CamLoc™ blade holding system allows fast blade removal requiring only ½-turn of each screw.  This unique design also eliminates thread stripping so common with conventional set screw blade holding.  ‘On-press’ blade replacement increases press efficiency and reduces run time.  The CamLoc™ system enables Midway’s lightweight sheeter design, incorporating an aluminum body coupled with fully-hardened tool steel bearers and journals.

Advantages of Midway’s Insertable Blade tooling:

  • Easy "in-press" blade replacement
  • Increased blade life from high accuracy CNC machining
  • Reduced tool noise
  • Reduced weight and shipping cost with aluminum body applications
  • Reduced tool inventory - one tool does the job of many 


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