Packaging / Folding Carton dies present unique challenges that require a level of expertise beyond that of standard rotary dies.  Midway has the experience to make sure your folding carton project launches without a hitch, and offers complete design capability including sample carton prototypes. In addition, Midway's ability to evaluate carton designs for stress points, a common cause of tool failure, saves you the expense of press downtime and additional tooling repair costs.

Midway has introduced inclusion of Braille embossing for pharmaceutical packaging to satisfy European (EU) requirements.  Midway integrates Braille embossing into the cutting & scoring die set, eliminating the need for additional die sets, and freeing a valuable press station.

Other enhancements to improve your Folding Carton processing:

  • Stripping pin scrap removal (web or slug)

  • Adjustable gearing for fine-tuned alignment

  • Multi-level cutting

  • Deep pocket clearance

  • Vacuum slug removal

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