Many applications require ‘matched’ tooling for enhanced production performance on press.  Midway's specialized tooling sets address a wide variety of manufacturing challenges. 

We’ve developed several innovations using matched set tooling:


  • Single-station folding carton tooling, with cutting and creasing performed in a single die station, eliminates the need for cut to crease registration, lowering tooling cost, set up time, and material waste.


  • Dual function die sets allow cutting from the top and bottom of the web in a single die station.  This eliminates registration requirements between stations, as well as the common problem of “wander” of the unseen undercutting tool.


  • Vacuum anvils (matched to a cutting die) enable precise ‘island placement’ capability.


  • Stripping pin anvils (matched to a cutting die) enable extremely effective slug (window) removal in folding carton tooling, and can also be used to remove other scrap and matrix waste at high speeds.


  • Phase adjustable gearing enables precise registration of upper and lower tools. Simple on-press adjustment is possible without
    removing tools.



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