Meet our team. We are a diverse group of professionals with years of experience.

 From our facility nestled in the community of Williamston, Michigan, we serve customers across the US, Mexico, Canada and overseas. We’ve doubled our manufacturing space and production capacity in the last decade while adding new world class technology and manufacturing equipment. Our fully-integrated facility is ISO 9001:2008 registered, a distinction very few rotary die makers can claim.

Tell us about your biggest challenge or that project you passed up because you weren’t sure how you would achieve it. Partnering with Midway means you can compete on high-value projects! Check out the benefits Midway provides in industries outside your own. What you see might inspire you.

From our company president to sales & technical support to journeyman machinists, we bring decades of industry experience to bear on your toughest die cutting challenges.

State-of-THE-art Facility





Special Tool Machining

Hollow, Deep Rout,
Abrasive Cutting,
Micro-perf, and more!

anvil & support rolls

Anvils, Support Rolls, Nip Rolls from the highest quality materials

  Matched Set Tooling

Cut & Crease, Dual-function, Pin Stripping, Phase Adjustable Gears

Heated tooling sYSTEMS

Product and package sealing,
Cutting-assist, or Seal & Cut in a
single die station

 Multi-level cutting

Accomplish more in a single die station eliminating registration waste

Press Accessories

Pressure Gages, Heat Units,
Bearer Impression Assemblies,
 Journal Blocks, and more!

Mike FitchetT


Slug Removal

We have the most comprehensive
solutions in the industry for
removing web waste

machine sharpening

The perfect blade with
unsurpassed precision

PHOTO CUTTING - Midway understands the value of a turnkey solution to your photo cutting needs. We make the tabletop photo cutting machine as well as the dies.

Do you produce folding cartons? Medical devices? Automotive parts? You need the expertise of a die maker with specialized knowledge of the requirements and equipment used in your particular market.



AUTOMOTIVE - Midway understands the challenges of automotive converting. Try one of our solutions today.

MEDICAL - Midway understands the complex materials and construction of converted medical products. Involve us early, and we'll head off converting issues before they start.

PACKAGING - Midway understands
the packaging/folding carton industry, and we want you to benefit from our expertise.

SPECIALTY - Midway understands the needs of specialty converters supplying industries such as electronics, HVAC, appliances, and the military.

TAG AND LABEL - Midway understands the opportunities of the label converter who is venturing into more complex, value added products.

FOOD PROCESSING - Midway understands the requirements unique to the food processing industry.


Years of ISO Certification


Fully hardened

tool steel dies


Tolerance for grinding process 


Years seniority per Midway machinist 


Years in business

MACHINE SHARPENING - Midway's machining technology creates fully hardened tool steel cutting dies with the perfect blade.

DESIGN SERVICES - Midway has a wide range of design capabilities to help you succeed.

CNC MACHINING - Our seasoned craftsmen utilize state-of-the-art CNC machining & grinding equipment.

HEAT TREATMENT - Our multi-stage heat treat processes allow us to maintain control over the die hardening process.

CRYOGENIC TREATMENT - A post-heat treatment process to enhance the life of your rotary die cut tooling.

CARTON PROTOTYPING - Samples can be produced for evaluation before you commit to the tooling expense.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Our team has the knowledge to guide you through the most challenging converting projects.



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